LSSB Resources Sdn. Bhd. endeavours to provide injury free workplace for all employees, as they are our most valuable assets.

For this purpose, we will provide safety first policy and the following directions to ensure safe and health work condition.

  • We will evaluate all work conditions and improve safety performance to prevent accidents.
  • To realize our safety and health policy, we shall provide necessary resources and continuously educate all of our employees.
  • We will ensure that each employee is adequately trained and conduct safe work practice and comply with the company’s safety and health procedure in order to carry out their work safely.
  • We will comply with the client’s safety and health requirement for continuous performance improvement.
  • We will conserve resources and reduce the generation of construction waste and conduct proper cleanliness during work.

All our employees shall be informed of this safety and health policy and shall at their best to adhere to and implement during their work.


LSSB Resources Sdn. Bhd. is committed to: -

  • Integrating “Quality, Health, Safety & Environment” in our processes and at all levels of our Organization and ensuring that they are on integral part of our Management Systems.
  • Meeting our internal and external Client’s requirements on Quality, deliver right-first -time, assure the performance of our products and services.
  • Periodically reviewing this Policy, so that is remains relevant and communicating it to all concerned.
  • Strengthening effectiveness and use of internal processes, quality methods and tools.
  • Implementing effective NCR Management – prevention, early detection and resolution using uniform approach, tool & reporting.
  • Meeting all applicable Legal and Regulatory requirements.
  • Developing suppliers and contractors to mutually beneficial relationship and to consistently complying with our requirements.